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The Creative Process

2020 has been an interesting year to ALL of us. For me, staying inside, closer to family more than ever, and teleworking has "forced me" to escape through mindfulness and creativity. This has been a lovely process where I have been (finally) able to devote some energy to my writing... yes, I am finishing a book to share my experiences in teaching Yoga to veterans coping with PTS. My goal is that this book will support other teachers who also want to serve in a similar way. I have also been pouring my heart in creative journaling, closet design, and new yoga sequences. All this while staying abreast of the craziest news and shows (Tiger King? please don't judge). The best part yet has been spending time with my little twins, playing and creating. We have been exploring the world of coloring, tracing, and making one-eye monsters like never before. It has been a blessing in disguise. There is a silver linning for sure.

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