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Yoga & Meditation


Yoga movement is just the tip of the iceberg. For many practicioners, Yoga is a life-style that fosters fulfillment, longevity, integration with others and our environment, and much more. When practiced with an open heart, it changes lives. I offer group and private yoga classes ranging from theory, to restorative and athletes sequences focusing on proper form and alignment. Perfect for beginners and intermediate-level yoga students.

Benefits of Yoga * Awakens, Rejuvenates and Invigorates your whole body. * Promotes optimal physical health. * Relieves daily stress. * Releases accumulated emotional and physical tension. * Assists in detoxifies and cleanses the bloodstream and whole body. * Tones, activates and massages the body's systems. * Stimulates the respiratory, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and immune systems. * Helps balance mental, emotional and physical energy. * Improves coordination, balance, concentration and endurance. * Improves posture * Increases blood circulation and stimulates the glands. * Increases strength and elasticity of the spine, muscles and joints. * Improves overall tone and suppleness of your body.

Who is Yoga For ? No matter what your physical condition, your age or abilities, yoga accepts you as you are.

Yoga is practiced by: * Athletes and dancers to achieve higher levels of performance, improve stamina and endurance, as well as prevent and recover from injury. * Homemakers to generate rejuvenating energy, reduce fatigue, and build self-confidence. * Modern professionals to relieve stress and tensions of the over-worked mind. * Seniors to promote longevity, balance, and strength, as well as enhance circulation, immune system, and coordination. * Children for play, to cultivate a sense of community, acceptance, mindfulness, and concentration. * Anyone wanting to improve physical, mental and overall well being.


The benefits of meditation are scientifically proven. Learn how to focus and relax the mind... enjoy the present.

Meditation Program: explore the principles of meditation with various centering practices.

60 and 30-minute individual guided meditations available.

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