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"Welcoming Love" Course - Transformative Coaching

8-week program based on the nationally acclaimed book "Calling in the One."

Private coaching available now.

Are you ready to give up wishing for love and instead commit to causing it? If yes, this is the course for you. Get ready for a life-changing experience. This 8-week program focuses on understanding oneself, identifying patterns, true desires, and reprogramming beliefs to create unlimited fulfillment. It will allow you to reclaim your power, to open your heart, restore hope and prompt action. It provides step-by-step guidance for inner transformation. If you are willing to make the commitment, this is your success-proven program.

Your course mediator, Dui Turner, is aTransformational Coach who has studied with Katherine Thomas, author of "Calling in the One." She has mastered a unique process of transforming identity that is unparalleled in its ability to get rapid results.

Here is our guarantee, “If you are willing to commit for eight weeks and apply the principles shared in this course, you will change your life in the most extraordinary ways!

(Registration includes the book and other supporting materials)

  • Release past patterns that have kept love from taking root in your life so you can move forward and create new, healthy patterns to allow love to flow freely into your life

  • Create an extraordinary life as the foundation for your happiness

  • Anchor your vision of love to fully receive and welcome it

  • Accelerate your own process by listening to and learning from stories, insights and breakthroughs of group members and facilitators

  • Receive the support you need to successfully move through the complete program

  • The atmosphere in the class is intimate, safe and inspiring, making the process easy, fun and life-changing


This course is divided in eight weekly segments. This is a discussion-based class using as main tool the book “Calling in the One” by the national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas. Each participant covers one daily lesson from the book including empowering exercises and journaling. Simultaneously, the group meets once a week for two hours. The meeting starts with a brief tea time and relaxation, followed by meditation and intention setting for the day. Next there is a discussion on the topics of the week, experiences while journaling and doing the exercises, insight sharing, and growth. The meeting concludes with a final meditation.


“I just want to tell you that I'm very thankful for you having me in that class. Because of this class, I made great girl friends and improved myself. And, that leads me the direction I am now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to open my life to the world. Because of you, I'm like this now. Everything started from [the class]. Thank you so much." (Chihana, Honolulu class graduate)

“I just wanted to tell you for one... thank you, thank you, thank you.... Your desire to start [the course] and undying life wisdom changed my life. I don't know where I would be now if I hadn't had our circle and the support, love and guidance it gave me to move on... I am not sure if you know this but I am now three months pregnant... Married to my soulmate, expecting our first child....things I wanted so badly and never thought I would have.. I am so grateful... Aloha and Malama Pono.” (Betsy, Honolulu class graduate)


Week 1: The Warm Up

  • Understanding the “Welcoming Love” experience as an integrative approach

  • Setting the right expectations and the purposeful intentions

  • Getting to know our classmates

  • Preparing the body, mind and soul for this new journey

  • Connecting and committing to the program

Week 2: Preparing for Love

  • The top 3 things you must do in order to welcome true love in your life

  • Why preparing to receive love is more powerful than running out to try to find it

  • How a "spiritual partnership" differs from a traditional marriage

  • The one shift you can make right away to open up your heart in a healthy way

  • The difference between a "soul mate" and an "ego mate"

  • How to enhance your inner energy

Week 3: Completing the Past

  • Why you should let go of past relationships and patterns

  • Understand, and accept your past without resentment

  • How to regain your past

  • How to evolve all of the relationships (romantic or not) in your life to the levels of health and well-being you so deeply deserve and desire to have

Week 4: Transforming Core Beliefs

  • Uncover barriers

  • Take a quantum leap over years of "slow and steady progress" by learning the 5-step process to identify and liberate yourself from your most debilitating false beliefs

  • Reclaim your wholeness

  • Learn how to avoid repeating the same destructive patterns over and over

  • Discover the value of what you have to offer

  • Learn a simple practice that will change forever the way that others relate to you

  • How you can powerfully release the life you've known for the life you are creating

Week 5: Awakening Your Co-Creative Power

  • How to source your sense of self and navigate your life

  • Commit to create your present

  • The 3 steps to creating a powerful intention

  • How to partner with a field and a force of life greater than yourself

  • Connect with your deeper desires that are fulfilling to others as well

Week 6: Loving Yourself First

  • Why the commitment you desire from another must come from yourself first

  • Discover the true meaning of self-care

  • What it actually means to "love yourself" before you can love another

  • Reclaim your sensual self, learning to love, care for, respect and honor your body

  • Learn the secret to sustaining great relationships

  • Discover why saying "no" and setting limits actually serves to create more love

  • Why receiving from another is really a gift you offer them

  • How cultivating your "emotional literacy" will automatically increase intimacy and deepen connection with those you most care for

Week 7: Creating an Extraordinary Life as a Foundation for Extraordinary Love

  • Mastering the art of how to generate love in your life

  • Discover the secret of how to create richer, more satisfying unions

  • Learn the one technique that will help you to overcome your deepest fears forever

  • Discover the one critical practice that will feed you the power you need to cause your relationships to flourish and thrive in unprecedented ways

Week 8: Living Love Fulfilled

  • Experience your power to begin causing synchronicity, magic and miracles to show up everywhere in your life

  • Learn how to move through the obstacles, setbacks and delays to the fulfillment of love in ways that actually empower your growth and evolution rather than discourage it

  • Learn how to move from a "me" centered life to a "we" centered life

  • Master the super-charged practice for becoming magnetic to all things good in life

  • Unlock the mystery of how you can radiate and embody the love you seek

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