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Indra Devi Workshop in Miami and NYC

Wisdom, Breathing & Meditation: The Teachings of Indra Devi

Join us in NYC and Miami for a workshop with David Lifar as he shares lessons on life and Yoga passed by beloved teacher Indra Devi – the First Lady of Western Yoga. David will discuss Yoga for everyday life and how it can reduce stress, maintain a positive attitude and a young and healthy body. David's Yoga practice will cover conscious breathing as a step toward mindfulness and as a tool on how to live in the eternal present. Experiment with different types of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques. --- Indra Devi, “Fist Lady of Western Yoga” was one of the most influential early yoga teachers in the Western Hemisphere. Born in 1899 in Latvia, she was a pupil of Krishnamacharya (the Father of Modern Yoga) and was the first western woman to study with him. During her time in India, she taught yoga and became friends with Gandhi. She traveled extensively, spreading Yoga across Russia, China and the United States. In 1982, she fell in love with Argentina, and eventually made it her home. Mataji (Mother) Indra Devi spoke five languages, wrote numerous books, and lived to be 102 years old. -- David Lifar, PhD and his wife Iana met Indra Devi in 1982 when she came to Argentina, and their lives were forever transformed by her teachings and loving light. Together in 1988, the three created the Indra Devi Foundation for the teaching and dissemination of Yoga. Today, Dr. Lifar continues to serve as a teacher and the Director of the Foundation, which is based in Argentina. He accompanied Indra Devi when she delivered a key speech at the United Nations, and was invited to participate with her at the International Congress of Yoga for Peace in Israel. He has written several books about his beloved teacher and has personally edited many of her works -- Program Facilitator: Duilia Turner, RYT 500, founder of Integrative World. --- All proceeds to benefit The Indra Devi Foundation.


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