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Duilia Turner

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Learn the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga (movement) in a setting that is enjoyable, safe, and informative. You will be introduced to Yoga theory and learn Sun Salutations, classic yoga postures, proper alignment, breathing, and deep relaxation. Additionally you will improve balance, body awareness, and overall well-being. This exclusive class will take new and intermediate students to a practice that is meaningful and purposeful.

Week 1 focus: Yoga and Asanas (poses) / What is Yoga? What are Asanas? / Intro to Atmananda Yoga; mat marking for proper alignment / Relaxation

Week 2 focus: Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing) / Atmananda Sequence / Intro to breathing

Week 3 focus: Yoga and meditation / Atmanda Sequence & Yin Yoga Intro / Meditation

Week 4 focus: Yoga on the mat and off the mat / Atmananda Sequence & Yin Yoga / How to incorporate Yoga practice into everyday life

Rate: $200 for the entire 4-class series (Includes Yoga Impressions Pamphlet). Larger group classes available at lower rates.

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